[][src]Struct bulletproofs::range_proof_mpc::party::PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge

pub struct PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge { /* fields omitted */ }

A party which has committed to their polynomial coefficents and is waiting for the polynomial challenge from the dealer.


impl PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge[src]

pub fn apply_challenge(self, pc: &PolyChallenge) -> Result<ProofShare, MPCError>[src]

Receive a PolyChallenge from the dealer and compute the party's proof share.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge[src]

Overwrite secrets with null bytes when they go out of scope.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge

impl Send for PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge

impl Sync for PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge

impl Unpin for PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge

impl UnwindSafe for PartyAwaitingPolyChallenge

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