[][src]Struct bulletproofs::r1cs::R1CSProof

pub struct R1CSProof { /* fields omitted */ }

A proof of some statement specified by a ConstraintSystem.

Statements are specified by writing gadget functions which add constraints to a ConstraintSystem implementation. To construct an R1CSProof, a prover constructs a ProverCS, then passes it to gadget functions to build the constraint system, then consumes the constraint system using ProverCS::prove to produce an R1CSProof. To verify an R1CSProof, a verifier constructs a VerifierCS, then passes it to the same gadget functions to (re)build the constraint system, then consumes the constraint system using VerifierCS::verify to verify the proof.


impl R1CSProof[src]

pub fn to_bytes(&self) -> Vec<u8>[src]

Serializes the proof into a byte array of 1 version byte + \((13 or 16) + 2k\) 32-byte elements, where \(k=\lceil \log_2(n) \rceil\) and \(n\) is the number of multiplication gates.


The layout of the r1cs proof encoding is:

  • 1 version byte indicating whether the proof contains second-phase commitments or not,
  • 8 or 11 compressed Ristretto points \(A_{I1},A_{O1},S_1,(A_{I2},A_{O2},S_2),T_1,...,T_6\) (\(A_{I2},A_{O2},S_2\) are skipped if there were no multipliers added in the randomized phase),
  • three scalars \(t_x, \tilde{t}_x, \tilde{e}\),
  • \(k\) pairs of compressed Ristretto points \(L_0,R_0\dots,L_{k-1},R_{k-1}\),
  • two scalars \(a, b\).

pub fn serialized_size(&self) -> usize[src]

Returns the size in bytes required to serialize the R1CSProof.

pub fn from_bytes(slice: &[u8]) -> Result<R1CSProof, R1CSError>[src]

Deserializes the proof from a byte slice.

Returns an error if the byte slice cannot be parsed into a R1CSProof.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for R1CSProof[src]

impl Debug for R1CSProof[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for R1CSProof[src]

impl Serialize for R1CSProof[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for R1CSProof

impl Send for R1CSProof

impl Sync for R1CSProof

impl Unpin for R1CSProof

impl UnwindSafe for R1CSProof

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